Safe sleeping

With freedom of movement

A comfortable and safe sleeping environment is essential for restless patients and residents. Human Protection offers solutions with focus on as much freedom as possible. From a floor bed to a canopy bed. From hospital care to nursing home.

feelsafepro rij
bt004 1 feelsafepro tentbed
FeelSafe Pro canopy bed

Provides a safe sleeping environment and freedom of movement within the canopy

micro cosmos
Micro-Cosmos Standard

Offers a secure sleeping environment for patients and residents

valmat 01
FallSafe fall mat

Minimizes fall injuries when falling out of bed.

feelsafego tentbed ea003
FeelSafe Go canopy bed

Canopy bed for a safe sleeping environment. The resident can open the FeelSafe Go themselves at any time.

ac002 4 vloerbed
HP Floorbed

Residents roll out of bed instead of falling out of bed.

vi001.0 1 reanimatieplank
CPR Board

For establishing a hard, non-impressive surface during CPR

opdekmatras ma002
HP Mattress topper

For in the patient area of the canopy bed.

comfortmatras ma001
HP Comfort mattress

Basic matress for in the compartment of canopy beds.

Sleep safely - for a good night's sleep

A good night's sleep is essential for everyone's well-being. But certainly for recovery from illness. Restless patients often show a disturbed sleep-wake rhythm and therefore a disturbed day-night rhythm. This has mental and physical consequences. They become dazed and weakened and fall more easily. With all the possible consequences that entails.


Human Protection has all kinds of solutions to allow patients and residents to sleep safely, varying in the degree of freedom restriction. For example, think of alarms and motion detectors (domotics). But also soothing images and music, a floor bed or a canopy bed. 

Every situation, patient and resident is unique. Human Protection therefore offers tailor-made solutions. Caution is advised when limiting someone's freedom to live life the way he/she wants. Consent to the use of a freedom-restricting substance is a basic condition.

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