micro cosmos

Micro-Cosmos Standard

Offers a secure sleeping environment for patients and residents-Offers a secure sleepin... Add to my wishlist
micro cosmos 8474 micro cosmos omgeving
micro cosmos 8474 micro cosmos omgeving

Micro-Cosmos Standard

Micro-Cosmos - MC001

Offers a secure sleeping environment for patients and residents
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Product information

The Micro-Cosmos is an adjustable bed dome that reduces inconvenient external stimuli in the hospital environment. The Micro-Cosmos provides a feeling of security and privacy and enables patients to sleep better. Thanks to manual adjustment that is infinitely variable, the dome can be adjusted to any required open or closed position, as desired by the user

Additional information

  • Easily placed behind the bed of patients in hospitals or clients in nursings homes.
  • Reduces light and sound, which creates a soothing environment and provides privacy for patients and residents.
  • The inside of the Micro-Cosmos Standard is equiped with a visual which creates tranquility for the patients.

Dimensions unfolded (L x W x H):
130cm x 121,5cm x 145cm 

Dimensions folded (L x W x H):
74,9cm x 121cm x 130cm

Weight: 45 kg

Material: ABS plastic, SS, Steel, Aluminium

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