HP Floorbed

Residents roll out of bed instead of falling out of bed.-Residents roll out of bed inst... Add to my wishlist
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ac002-4-vloerbed.jpg ac002-2-vloerbed.jpg ac002-3-vloerbed.jpg

HP Floorbed

Accora - AC002

Residents roll out of bed instead of falling out of bed.
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Product information

The floor bed is very suitable for people with a high fall risk. The bed is so close to the ground that the user only rolls out of bed, eliminating the risk of injuries. The use of bed rails is therefore usually not necessary. The bed is electrically height-adjustable, allowing care to be provided at the correct height. This also allows the patient/resident to get in and out of bed independently, which promotes self-reliance. This relieves care and saves costs.

The floor bed comes standard with padded bed rails so that the patient cannot hurt himself. The bed is therefore suitable as a nursing (home) bed, but also in the home situation.

Additional information

  • Equipped with all lying surface adjustments
  • Lifting range: 7.1cm - 80cm (electric)
  • Dimensions excluding side rails: 94cm x 229cm (wxl)
  • Dimensions including side rails: 107cm x 229cm (wxl)
  • Dimensions lying surface: 90cm x 200cm (wxl)
  • Maximum user weight: 170kg
  • Height side rails: 50cm
  • Dimensions lying surface floor bed extra long version (AC002.220): 90cm x 220cm (wxl)
  • Comes with basic mattres and pull-up aid

Instructional video

Instructional video Floor bed (Dutch)

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