Wandering behavior

For the reduction of wandering

A safe sleep environment and meaningful daytime activities are very important for wandering residents/patients at increased risk of falling. Human Protection has various solutions for this. Think of mobile experience packages, but also low-floor beds and tent beds.

Package fall prevention

• Floor bed with soft side rails • Pull-up aid • Alarming • Fall mat with bevelled edges • Anti-slip socks

Package Fall prevention & security

• Floor bed with soft side rails • Fall mat with sloping edges • FeelSafe Go bed tent • Alarm system • Anti-slip socks

Package safe sleeping

The FeelSafe Pro tent bed is a suitable solution for patients/residents who regularly leave the bed unsupervised, although they are at high risk of falling injuries due to a lack of awareness of their illness.

FeelSafe Pro bed tent

Safe sleeping in a defined area, acces with a hoist.

FeelSafe Go bed tent

Bed tent for a safe sleeping environment.

HP Floor bed

For people with an increased risk of falling.

Fall mat with light strips

Minimizes fall injuries when falling out of bed.

Dementia pillow with ribbons and beads

Channels the restlessness in the hands and stimulates the senses.

Wandering behavior and restlessness

Restless patients/residents, but also elderly people living at home often display wandering behaviour. The wandering can in itself have a calming effect, but someone can also be looking for the toilet or for the exit. Wandering behavior is common in elderly people with dementia. Dealing with (nighttime) restlessness is a challenge. Human Protection offers various solutions to support healthcare workers in this regard.


Being able to orientate themselves in time and place and recognition of the environment is important for restless patients and residents. Make sure he/she knows where he/she is and where he/she can find what. Such as the living room or his/her own room. Camouflage places where a lot of wandering occurs, such as near an elevator. It also offers distraction and a meaningful daytime activity and prevents boredom.

Human Protection has various solutions in its range to support this. Such as an unrest package aimed at fall prevention and security. Or a pop-up experience place to attract attention and stimulate patients. In addition, we also offer various domotics such as an Optiscan, Optiseat, Bedscan and neck transmitter.

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