Solutions for (acute) delirium

Human Protection offers various solutions to support the care of patients with delirium.

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bt004 1 feelsafepro tentbed
FeelSafe Pro canopy bed

Provides a safe sleeping environment and freedom of movement within the canopy

feelsafego tentbed ea003
FeelSafe Go canopy bed

Canopy bed for a safe sleeping environment. The resident can open the FeelSafe Go themselves at any time.

More about a delirium

A delirium (or delirium) is an acute confusion with a physical cause (accident, surgery, medication, illness, withdrawal). The delirium can develop within hours or days and is multifaceted. For example, the patient can be very restless and excited, but also very calm and withdrawn. In addition to concentration problems, memory loss, delusions and hallucinations can also occur.

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