Physical aggression

With (physical) aggression

Human Protection offers various solutions for patients who exhibit physically aggressive behaviour.

Glove with mesh and double Velcro

Anti-pluck mitten with net cover without finger spread.

HP Soft Wrist Fixation with Double Retaining Strap

This arm/leg cuff limits range of motion to prevent self-harm and prevent interruption of medical treatment.

HP glove with mesh and finger separators

HP glove with net cover and Velcro closure

HP protective glove with double velcro

Anti-pluck glove with double Velcro closure for extra security.

HP therapy protective gloves

The glove is filled with small beads for stimulation and is used in rehablitation. It can reduce stress and help to get restlessness under control.

HP protective glove with inspection hole

Glove with inspection hole.

Soft wrist fixation with QR closure

For patients at risk of interfering with life-saving treatments.

Wrist fixation with D-ring

For patients at risk of interfering with life-saving treatments.

More about physical aggression

Aggression also occurs in healthcare: verbal, psychological and physical. Aggression can have various causes. It can arise from frustration, it can be a resistance to authority, it can be based on a psychological cause, alcohol and drugs, but also an illness, dementia, ADHD or pain. Despite the aggression and resistance, the patient will still have to be treated. Only in extreme cases does one proceed to physical fixation.

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