Unrest. Freedom. Safety

Human Protection helps you to offer as much freedom and safety as possible in high-risk situations in healthcare.

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Safe sleeping

Risk of falling

Pulling out medical equipment

Wandering behavior



Physical aggression

Neonatology and pediatrics

Freedom and safety in the event of unrest and risk situations

Human Protection is happy to advise you on creating peace in the infirmary, offering as much physical freedom of movement as possible and using the least intrusive alternative the most.


Solutions for unrest and risk situations

We are here to offer you a solution for the most common unrest situations.

Package Fall prevention & security

• Floor bed with soft side rails • Fall mat with sloping edges • FeelSafe Go bed tent • Alarm system • Anti-slip socks

Package fall prevention

• Floor bed with soft side rails • Pull-up aid • Alarming • Fall mat with bevelled edges • Anti-slip socks

Package safe sleeping

The FeelSafe Pro tent bed is a suitable solution for patients/residents who regularly leave the bed unsupervised, although they are at high risk of falling injuries due to a lack of awareness of their illness.

FeelSafe Pro bed tent

Safe sleeping in a defined area, acces with a hoist.

FeelSafe Go bed tent

Bed tent for a safe sleeping environment.

Customer stories


"“Our patients retain their freedom within a protected space (tent bed). This allows us to reduce the use of direct physical fixation on the body and sedative drugs.”"

Wim Denolf, Consultant Fall Prophylaxis & FEM - Hospital AZ Delta – Roeselare, Belgium

""The demarcated, reduced space had a positive effect and the resident's day/night rhythm recovered.""

De Wever care center, Tilburg

Curious about the possible solutions for your situations?

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