Risk situations arise from restlessness

Creating a safe situation with as much physical freedom of movement as possible.

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I am looking for a solution for

Safe sleeping

Fall risk

Disruption of medical treatment

Wandering behavior



Physical aggression

Neonatology and pediatrics

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mkk pow 10 fixatiebandje zuurstof saturatiemeter
HP Pulse Oximeter Probe Wraps

Holds the sensor firmly to prevent misalignment of optical components, while blocking out excessive ambient light.

mkk sl 10 armspalk
HP arm splint

Restricts elbow movement and can secure an IV line.

ac002 4 vloerbed
HP Floorbed

Residents roll out of bed instead of falling out of bed.

mkk frs g 10 antislip sokken
HP anti-skid socks

Reduces the risk of falling.

mkk lm polsband 1
Limb holder with D-ring

For patients at risk of interfering with life-saving treatments.

comfortmatras ma001
HP Comfort mattress

Basic matress for in the compartment of canopy beds.

bt004 1 feelsafepro tentbed
FeelSafe Pro canopy bed

Provides a safe sleeping environment and freedom of movement within the canopy

mkk pea 10 fototherapie oogbeschermer klevend
Phototherapy eye protector Adhesive

Eye protection during light therapy.

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