Complaints procedure

Every user of Human Protection products or services has the right to file a complaint with Human Protection. All complaints are treated confidentially.

General provisions

Article 1: Definitions

Complaint: Any report from a complainant, which shows that his expectations are not met and which does not have the character of a misunderstanding that can be quickly resolved and of which it is clear (in view of the customer's disappointment) that this deserves attention at a higher level. level in the organization of Human Protection.

Complainant: The person who has used and is dissatisfied with the products or services of Human Protection.

Article 2: Right of complaint

  1. Every user of Human Protection products or services has the right to file a complaint with Human Protection.
  2. Behavior of an employee working under the responsibility of Human Protection is regarded as behavior of Human Protection.

Article 3: Due treatment and confidentiality

  1. Human Protection ensures proper and careful handling of submitted complaints.
  2. Answering a complaint is based on a careful investigation of the relevant facts and circumstances. When answering a complaint, the interests of the complainant are taken into account.
  3. All complaints are treated confidentially.

The treatment of complaints

Article 4: submitting a complaint

  1. The complainant must submit the complaint in writing and signed to the Human Protection board.
  2. The complaint contains at least:
    the name and address of the complainant
    b. the date
    c. a description of the conduct against which the complaint is directed.
  3. If the complaint is in a foreign language and a translation is necessary for proper handling, the complainant must provide a translation
  4. Human Protection can decide not to handle a written complaint if the complaint does not comply with the first, second or third paragraph, provided the complainant has been informed of the imperfection of the complaint and has had the opportunity to submit the complaint within two weeks after reporting the deficiency.

 Article 5: Complaint registration

  1. Human Protection registers the submission of complaints as well as the manner in which they are handled. This is done in the Isotracker application. The notification must contain at least the following information:
    Name and address details of the complainant
    b. Complaint filing date
    c. Description of the complaint
    d. Date and method of handling the complaint
    e. Correspondence with regard to the complaint
    f. Status of the complaint
  2. The data from the complaint file will be kept for a period of 2 years after the complaint has been settled.

 Article 6: Confirmation of receipt

  1. Human Protection will confirm receipt of the complaint within three working days. The confirmation of receipt states:
    The settlement period
    b. The further procedure
    c. The contact
    d. The ability to be heard or not to be heard
  2. Human Protection returns a complaint that is not intended for it to the complainant as soon as possible.

 Article 7: Not obligated to process

  1. Human Protection is not obliged to handle the complaint if it relates to conduct:
    About which a complaint has already been submitted that has been handled with due observance of these regulations.
    b. That took place more than 1 year before the complaint was filed
    c. Who is or has been subject to the judgment of a court by the initiation of proceedings
    d. As long as an investigation in this regard is in progress by order of the public prosecutor or a prosecution is in progress, or if the conduct forms part of the investigation or prosecution of a criminal offense and in respect of that fact an investigation has been ordered by the public prosecutor. whether a prosecution is underway.
  2. The complainant will be notified as soon as possible but no later than four weeks after receipt of the complaint if the complaint is not handled.

 Article 8: Defendant's obligation to forward

  1. A copy of the complaint as well as the accompanying documents will be sent to the person whose conduct is the subject of the complaint.

 Article 9: Obligation to hear

  1. Human Protection gives the complainant and the person to whom the complaint relates the opportunity to be heard.
  2. Hearing the complainant can be waived if the complainant has stated that he does not wish to make use of the right to be heard.
  3. A report is made of the hearing.
  4. A copy of the report will be sent to the complainant upon request.

 Article 10: Response period

  1. Human Protection will deal with the complaint within four weeks of receipt. If a reason arises that makes it impossible to settle the complaint within this period, paragraph 2 of this article applies.
  2. If this period proves to be unfeasible, the complainant will be informed about this in good time (well before the expiry of this period) with the reason for the delay and the period within which a response can be made.

 Article 11: Settlement and appeal

  1. Human Protection informs the complainant in writing, stating reasons, of the findings of the investigation into the complaint and of any conclusions it draws from it.
  2. The complainant who does not agree with the position taken by the person responsible for complaints will be given the opportunity to provide a response.
  3. If there is still a permanent dispute after the conclusion of the change of position, Human Protection will engage an independent third party and the complainant is informed that he can submit a complaint to this independent third party within three months of the date of the reply.
  4. VDT Advocaten will act as an independent third party.
  5. The judgment of this independent third party is binding. Any consequences are dealt with quickly by Human Protection.

Other provisions

Article 12: Evaluation

  1. An overview is made of the nature and scope of the complaints received at least twice a year.
  2. Insofar as necessary, measures are taken to prevent new complaints.
  3. The management will be notified of the overview and the measures taken as a result.

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