Human Protection

More than 35 years of experience in advice and solutions in the event of unrest in healthcare

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Human Protection was founded in 1987 under the name It Fits. It Fits designed and produced personal clothing for care situations where standard clothing could not offer a solution. This resulted in (tailor-made) clothing for people with a (mental) disability.

In the years that followed, institutions are increasingly looking for solutions for people with misunderstood behavior. Many still remember Jolanda Venema, 'the girl on the chain'. Jolanda was a young woman with an intellectual disability. She lived in an institution and was chained naked to the wall. A photo of her came into the public eye in 1988 and made the subject of freedom restriction and humanity in healthcare negotiable.

Over the years, It Fits has developed into a serious sparring partner in the field of freedom-restricting substances and alternatives in unrest situations. From 2019 we will be called Human Protection, because it fits better with the way we want to be seen and with our objective: creating peace and safety and offering as much freedom of movement as possible for patients and residents.

Mission and vision

Our mission:

Human Protection offers 24/7 products and services that ensure as much freedom and safety as possible for care recipients and caregivers in the event of unrest and risk situations.

Our vision:

In healthcare, Human Protection products and services are used in all unrest and risk situations to get the situation under control in the most humane way possible.


Committed employees

Human Protection is closely involved in the professional field. Our practical knowledge leads to an optimization of our products and services. With the aim: safety for patient / resident and care worker while maintaining (as much as possible) freedom.


You will find our solutions in hospitals, in care for people with intellectual disabilities, psychiatry, aviation, nursing home sector, police / justice, home care and ambulance care.


Human Protection has been a household name in the Dutch healthcare market for years. But nowadays there is also more and more interest in our solutions from abroad such as Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Ireland and Denmark.

Curious about the possible solutions for your situations?

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