Anxiety packages

Various composite packages that offer support in risky situations arising from unrest. Available for both hospital and long-term care.

It is possible in many cases to phase out existing measures that restrict freedom or involuntary care, but there is no standard solution that applies to everyone. Every patient and/or client has a different story and therefore needs different support.

Our new unrest packages can be a solution for phasing out involuntary care. It starts with a light solution such as calming images that camouflage the environment and provide distraction.

Create a safe environment within your hospital or institution

Package fall prevention

• Floor bed with soft side rails • Pull-up aid • Alarming • Fall mat with bevelled edges • Anti-slip socks

Package Fall prevention & security

• Floor bed with soft side rails • Fall mat with sloping edges • FeelSafe Go bed tent • Alarm system • Anti-slip socks

Package safe sleeping

The FeelSafe Pro tent bed is a suitable solution for patients/residents who regularly leave the bed unsupervised, although they are at high risk of falling injuries due to a lack of awareness of their illness.