Pulling out medical equipment

Against interrupting medical treatments

Human Protection offers solutions to prevent patients from removing this material. From a very mild solution such as a hand cone, to the heaviest intervention such as a wrist fixation.

Glove with mesh and double Velcro

Anti-pluck mitten with net cover without finger spread.

HP Soft Wrist Fixation with Double Retaining Strap

This arm/leg cuff limits range of motion to prevent self-harm and prevent interruption of medical treatment.

HP glove with mesh and finger separators

HP glove with net cover and Velcro closure

HP protective glove with double velcro

Anti-pluck glove with double Velcro closure for extra security.

HP arm splint

Restricts elbow movement

HP therapy protective gloves

The glove is filled with small beads for stimulation and is used in rehablitation. It can reduce stress and help to get restlessness under control.

Protective glove with mesh and finger separators

Protective glove with soft wrist strap and finger separators.

HP protective glove with inspection hole

Glove with inspection hole.

More about extracting medical materials

Some patients tend to take off the medical equipment necessary for their treatment. Examples include gastric tubes, infusions, bladder catheters, drains and breathing tubes. This can be done on purpose or when the patient is confused. Besides the fact that it poses an acute danger in some cases (such as with the ventilation tube), it is also annoying (for both patient and nurse) to have to apply/insert this material again and again. Prevention is better than cure.

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